Beatriz Gallego


Beatriz Gallego Maraver

She is a Master Facilitator in the Center for the Transformation of Human Conflict, of which she is also Head of Communication. Extensive experience in Communication and Marketing Management for companies, NGOs and administrations.

She is currently a Facilitator, Trainer and Trainer of various methods, such as Dragon Dreaming, Process Work, Deep Ecology, Systemic Organizations and other tools of Facilitation, Leadership, Power, Rank and Transformation.

I carry out workshops and courses at a social and corporate level. I work with Companies and NGOs in the areas of Leadership, Agile Methods, Management of Change and Conflict, Digital Transformation, Corporate Responsibility … and with various techniques of interpersonal intervention (roles / teams) and systemic (organization / world).

I am Founder together with Cristina Ruiz and Pilar Aguilar of Red Amaltea, Professional Association.

 Facilitation and Training

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  • Training in Group Facilitation and Conflict Management. 2014-2016. Arnold Mindell’s Process Work with Ana Rhodes and Gill Emsile..
  • Training in Dragon Dreaming, organizer of the Intro and Intensive of Madrid 2013/2014 with Julia Ramos, Luna Marcén, Elena Rodríguez and Miriam Urbano. . Dragon Dreaming
  • Training in Sustainable Leadership and Facilitation of change by Ana Rodhes (See article Theory of Mindell Processes) 2013 Fundación Tomillo Open Center.(Ver artículo Teoría de Procesos de Mindell)
  • Training in Deep Ecology by Joanna Macy through Ecological Self made with Patricia Cañas and Kirsty Heron from
  • Findhorn Ecovillage and Holistic Center.  Experience Week y Living in a Community has a guest 2014.
  • Transition Movement. Official Course held in 2013.
  • Formation of the Attention Game, Transpersonal Psychology by Marly Kuenerz.
  • Training in Reiki, Vipassana Meditation and Consciousness.

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