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Horario Jueves 7 de mayo de 17:30h a 19.30h

Dragon Dreaming Vision of Win Culture – Win

How to Dream the next Projects for Change, on alert and reduced spaces of physical, mental and emotional freedom.
We dream when we sleep, more unconscious … and also when we are awake, conscious. It is time to evolve inward and then go outward, contraction for expansion.
Dragon Dreaming teaches us the Agile Project Design Process for Personal, Social and Community Change, creating sustainable social systems.
In this session we will practice the Culture of Individual Winning, in Relationships and in the Community and the Planet. How can we sow the next thing we want to harvest.

Horario Martes 12 de mayo de 11:00 a 13.00h

Deep Listen to Your Interior, Your Neighbors, the Neighborhood and the Planet

Journal of psychic and physical experiences of confinement.
Deep Democracy is the listening of all voices, the recognition of our privileges or absence of them. Deep Ecology is listening to our emotions and relationships with other natural beings or objects in life.
In this Pill Workshop we will aim to Hear various people’s voices and their experience with confinement, the social and political situation, family and relationships, work and life purpose.

Horario Jueves 14 de mayo de 17:30h a 19.30h

Process Work: Democratic Culture and Collective Wisdom

The networks of relationships: the group field + information and care.

We will get to know the Process Work methodology through its Group Process Forum tool. We will meet in a democratic dialogue open to all participating people. The theme of the Forum will be chosen among all at the beginning by vote. We will work on the Roles associated with the chosen topic, the main points of view or polarities. We will process the feelings between the roles and the marginalized parts of the group.