Kathmandu International Residential Dragon Dreaming Workshop



In a world of constant change & rapid evolution, the long-term sustainability of our businesses & projects can be a complex task.

It is necessary to develop flexible, creative & innovative strategies, we need a new culture based on authentic communication, confidence & enjoyment and a team of people who really know how to work together, make commitments & share responsibilities.

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About Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming is a playful and powerful collaborative project design tool that synthesises living systems theory, local wisdom and deep ecology in service of personal growth, building community and a vibrant Earth. 

The Benefits for Participating in Dragon Dreaming Workshop

  • Provides solutions to current problems with a different system of thought
  • Helps create projects and companies for the XXI Century through dynamic, flexible, innovative and resilient organizational structures
  • Create sustainable projects: economically, socially, environmentally and culturally
  • It is critical when creating a vision and a strategy for working together
  • Integrates new social and economic paradigms improving resourcing
  • Serves as a perfect setting to capture the different methodologies and the currently existing lines of thought
  • Provides a novel and comprehensive vision of the organization and the market
  • Empowers team members, promoting their autonomy, leadership and creativity
  • Fosters positive leadership, open communication and trust in teams
  • It is vital to create teams and communities that are strong, active and enduring over time
  • Thanks to its integrating vision, it helps to resolve conflicts
  • In addition, clearly identifies communication and structural failures
  • Integrates individual’s enjoyment and self-fulfillment as a key element of success

What Participants Say when asked: What did you like the most about the Workshop?

  • The simplicity and practicality of Dragon Dreaming
  • The change of consciousness that works in Dragon Dreaming from the various tools. I realize how it worked, while it offered possibilities and guides to work from a more aware location
  • Group dynamics, and discover a planning methodology that takes into account many more aspects, making it more complete
  • That is practical and applicable to any projects, not only to the business
  • The methodology is extremely interesting and attractive. I have worked with various tools related to t he design of projects and Dragon Dreaming seems very inclusive because it takes into account the individuals and the collective sense
  • Openness, honesty, humility and generosity of the facilitators. They have shared from the heart, reason and from their experience

Our Facilitators

IMG_3380Julia Ramos Puente
Dragon Dreaming facilitator since 2012. During this time she has facilitated in 3 continents to more than 300 people. She is also the founder of a start-up called Once in a LifeTime events, that wishes to bring sustainable development to big events. She has dedicated the last 4 years of her life to helping people to create projects with a new consciousness as well as 8 years to traditional business management. She holds two Masters, one in Leadership and Strategic Sustainable Development (Sweden) and the other in Communication and Public Relations (Spain), as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management (Switzerland).

BEATRIZ GALLEGO-facilitadoraBeatriz Gallego Maraver
Dragon Dreaming and Processwork Facilitator. She accompanies individuals and groups with their inner to outer evolution process and organization development. She is specialised in Group conflict, roles, rank and leadership. Trained in Open Forums and Deep Democracy, Transition Movement, Deep Ecology and Art of Hosting. As a Creative Entrepreneur, she first worked in Advertising and Marketing Online & Offline and later she created a Social Communication Cooperative for Local and National Spanish Governments and private companies.. Master in Business Administration. Founder of Red Amaltea Professional Association for Women and 14grapas Creative and Facilitation Agency.

Angel Hernandez : Introducing Dragon Dreaming ( Overview )

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